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Translation for Help and Manual (H&M) projects

Issue 13, Jul/08/2009

<p>The upcoming release of Translation Assistant will include support for translating Help and Manual projects (<a href="http://www.ec-software.com/">http://www.ec-software.com/</a>).</p> <p>If you don't know what this is, H&amp;M is a program that helps write Windows Help files. It's like a special word processor which can create full help files. We're using it too for our own documentation.</p> <p>Localizing H&amp;M projects was never an easy task. Even we face those difficulties when we try to produce multilingual versions of our own help files. To make this much easier, our Translation Assistant will soon support H&amp;M projects.</p> <h2>How H&amp;M projects will be translated</h2> <ul> <li>Open Translation Assistant and create a new H&amp;M translation project.</li> <li>Point Translation Assistant to the directory where the H&amp;M project is saved.</li> <li>It will scan it and load all the files in your help project.</li> <li>You'll get the total word count and be able to upload to our server for translators to bid and then work on.</li> <li>When the translation is complete, you'll get the translated help projects, in H&amp;M format.</li> </ul> <p>Just like website translation, when your help file changes, Translation Assistant will detect the changes and update the translation. You'll only be charged for new or modified texts in the help file.</p> <h2>Availability</h2> <p>We're Beta testing this right now. We've already done several live projects and are now adding more features to support the full features of Help and Manual. We expect to be ready with a final version by the end of July.</p> <p>If you need translation for your help files, let us know. We'll be happy to go over your H&amp;M project and make sure that it gets translated correctly.</p>

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