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Free Localization Tools

PHP Localization

The best way to localize PHP files is by wrapping all texts in gettext calls and providing the localization dictionary.

Once you wrapped the texts, you'll need to compile a .po file, which contains the texts to translate. You can use this free PHP to .po converter. This tool will go through a single PHP file, or multiple PHP files contained in a ZIP. It will extract all gettext texts into a .po file.

PHP to .po converter »

Software Resource Localization

Most software development platforms keep texts in resource files. To localize these applications, you'll need to have a different version of this file per language.

  1. Create a .po file from the resource file. Use this Software Resource to .po Converter
  2. Send the .po file to translation.
  3. Use the translated .po file (that you get back from the translator) and the original software resource file and create the translated resource file. Use this Software Resource Reconstructor from .po

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